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We're on a mission to supercharge small to medium-sized businesses to sustainably grow and scale with our all-in-one platform and business solution powered by automation and enhanced with AI. Our platform consolidates every aspect of your organisation into one easy-to-use system. From website, lead generation, sales and marketing to product management, service delivery, operations and people management. It has everything your business needs to capture opportunities, nurture customers, engage internal stakeholders, drive growth, and effortlessly run your operations. It's simple, it's scalable and it's the only solution you need!


All The Tools You Need In One Easy-To-Use System.

Are you juggling multiple tools and systems? Struggling to keep up with teams, data, and information? Join our mission to tackle growth challenges and supercharge your efforts with our all-in-one business platform and solution.

Designed for startups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, and busy executives, it's the ultimate business toolkit and end-to-end solution. It simplifies and automates business processes and, provides unparalleled visibility and transparency to make faster, more effective decisions.

It's more than just a management system and end-to-end platform—its everything you need to manage, grow and scale your business, effortlessly.

One-Stop Business Shop. We’ve Got You Covered!

Lead Generation &

Sales Solutions

Design visually stunning websites and landing pages with our Website Builder then use our Lead Generation Tool to convert leads into golden opportunities. Streamline invoicing and payments seamlessly through direct integration with Stripe, and create proposals in minutes transforming leads into loyal clients with our holistic lead generation and sales solutions.

Marketing & Customer Success Solutions

Manage client relationships with our CRM solution and amplify your marketing efforts using our Social Media Planner, Online Marketing Tool, and Event Management & Booking System. Keep up to date through our versatile Comms Centre where it brings all your communication channels in one place. Through the Online Learning Platform you can then offer your community memberships, courses, and certifications.

Service & Product

Delivery Solutions

Automate business processes, and workflows, streamline projects and boost organisational efficiency and productivity with our Service & Work Delivery Platform, Resource & Project Planner, and Product & Inventory Management System. Our end-to-end service and work delivery solutions are the keys and drivers to your customer retention and success. After all, automation is salvation.

Management &

People Solutions

Achieve seamless decision-making with our Organising Intelli Centre (OIC), providing real-time data, insights and visibility. But at the heart of any business is, people. Use our Recruitment & Talent Tracker, HR Management System plus Employee Experience & Engagement Tool to provide a strategic people led approach and an exceptional employee experience to drive your company vision and values.

Why Choose Us

  • Unlimited Users, UnlimitedContacts, Unlimited Possibilities

  • All-in-One Integration: Integrates all your tools and streamlines your business processes, information and analytics

  • Cost-Effective & Affordable: Looks after your bottom line

  • Designed Especially for SMEs: Tailored for your success to help you grow and scale, your way

  • Unparalleled Visibility & Transparency of your entire organisation

  • Simplicity with Scalability: No-Code Software that is easy-to-use and enables you to scale without complexity

Break Past The Growth Ceiling With Our All-In-One Solution.

At Simple Scalable Solutions, we help organisations to manage, grow, and scale their business with our all-in-one platform solution powered by automation and enhanced with AI.

Our mission is to simplify your business complexities, execute your boldest ideas, and future-proof your operations so that you can break past the growth ceiling and sustainably grow and scale.

Because we understand the challenges small to medium-sized businesses face having to juggle multiple tools, systems, costs and teams. There's also a lack of oversight and resources for business owners plus a lack of experience and expertise within the team.

Our solution is designed to be your ultimate business companion, our all-in-one platform addresses the diverse needs of SMEs offering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond conventional tools and serves as the backbone to your success. It's a one-stop shop for your business needs and everything you need to manage, grow and scale your business!

It's simple, it's scalable and its the only platform solution you need!

What Sets Us Apart

Social & Industry Impact

We are committed to giving back to our industry and our community, embodying a people-centric approach over a profit-led one. And, for every 10 clients we onboard, we provide complimentary services for website development, technology solutions and platform integration to non-profits and/or charitable organisations in Thailand. This reflects our belief in prioritising people over profits and showcases our commitment to social and industry responsibility.

SWAS & Sustainable

Unlike typical SAAS (Software As A Service) providers, we are long-term partners in your success and provide Software With A Service (SWAS). We understand that each business is unique and by fostering a collaborative approach and staying attuned to industry dynamics, we ensure that our clients receive not only tailored strategies, support and cutting-edge technology solutions but a continuous cycle of improvement through feedback and shared, sustainable success.

Expertise & Experience

Our dedicated team of experts lives and breathes success—importantly, they drive behaviours to get results. With a proven track record growing and scaling SMEs to 10x growth, we bring valuable experience and expertise, to the table. Our strategic approach is anchored in values and data-driven decision-making providing clients with unparalleled visibility, support and expertise enabling them to manage, grow and scale, their businesses viably and sustainably.

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